Discovery Form

Black Swan Media provides impactful results for the businesses we work with. For this reason, we have a reasonable set of criteria every business must meet before we're open to supporting them. Below you can find the 3 criteria.

Advertising Experience

You don't need to be a huge house hold brand or even a well-known name in your local community. However, you must have some experience paying for advertising or working with a professional marketing servicer.

Reputable Business

We do not work with businesses in the pharmaceutical, gambling, or adult industries. We also do not work with businesses that have a track record of doing bad business. You must have either a clean or positive slate in your local community.

Not Looking For Quick Cash

SEO services are not a magic bullet for fast cash. For that reason, we do not work with companies that are desperate or looking for make money fast schemes.

Please fill out the discovery form below to the best of your knowledge

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