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SEO isn’t about just driving traffic, it’s about increasing your bottom line.

Las Vegas SEO marketing shouldn’t give you headaches, it should put money in your pocket. Our goal is to make it so that every morning when you wake up, you’re excited to look at your daily marketing reports.

Black Swan Media has already helped several business owners rank in the top 3 in Las VegasHendersonSummerlin, and North LV. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business and help you too.

“87% of new business in 2019 will be generated online” – Forbes Magazine

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Search engines are constantly changing, and the truth is that other companies aren’t able to keep up. What makes Black Swan Media Co different from other Las Vegas SEO agencies is that we’re skilled enough to handle every aspect of search engine marketing and not just the easy parts. Our team is always on top of cutting edge Las Vegas SEO strategies so that our clients stay on top of the SERPs.

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The best place to hide a dead business is the second page of Google.

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Google is always updating their algorithms and so we’re always updating our strategies. Black Swan Media stays ahead of the curve on the latest Las Vegas SEO marketing strategies so you can stay on top of the SERPs.

At the end of the day, you don’t care about keyword volume or traffic. You care about revenue – and we get that. Black Swan Media will find the keywords your customers are searching for so that you can get the highest return for your investment.

An SEO Audit will reveal all the areas of your website that need to be improved. Black Swan Media looks at both SEO and structural issues so that you can have a fast, top ranking site.

We’ll optimize the technical aspects of your website such as making sure its secure, improving loading speed, and fundamental issues found in your audit.

We’ll optimize every page on your site to fit with your Las Vegas SEO marketing plan. Our On-page technicians follow a 13 step blueprint that covers everything from basics such as header tags to the more advanced items like JSON schema.

We’ll create the content your competitors wish they had. Our content creation strategy synergizes with SEO to drive even more traffic and build natural links.

Black Swan Media uses the most advanced, honest, link building strategies available. We’ll build out your listings and get you link from high authority sources.

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Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. That’s why we moved our main office from Boston to Las Vegas. 

Black Swan’s founder, Bruno Souza, comes from a background of providing white-label SEO services to other SEO agenices via his other company, SEOGuestPosts Inc. This means that SEO agencies would sell clients on SEO, and hire Bruno to do the SEO work.

Starting in 2018, Bruno started Black Swan Media as an initiative to help business owners out directly by providing Las Vegas SEO services. As it stands, we have websites ranking in the top 3 positions in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Fresno, Denver, San Francisco, Providence and Orange County.

Our experience is extensive, our Las Vegas SEO methods are proven to work, and our customers are very happy people. 

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Learn the truth about revenue | SEO Las Vegas

Las Vegas SEO

The most important part about Las Vegas SEO is the return on your investment. At the end of the day, it’s all about how much money you put into marketing your business website and how much you get out. 

Las Vegas SEO is one of the most powerful ways to get a return on your marketing investments. Search engine results pages are the “main street” of the digital world. The SEO results pages are where your customers are going to find the solutions to their problem.

We’re like digital realtors because we position your brand in front of the perfect audience through Las Vegas SEO services.

The 4 pillars of vegas seo

local seo campaign | a complete review of wp business website optimizations

Las Vegas search engine optimization is completely relative to keywords, meaning, it’s not a fixed marketing service. A website page can only be “SEO friendly” or “optimized” if it has target keywords assigned to each page.

Black Swan Media Group‘s SEO marketing strategy finds the right keywords for your business by researching what your local customers are searching for.

Finding the right keywords for your business is always the first step for a Las Vegas SEO marketing plan.

Local SEO marketing design work starts with your website once the proper keywords are identified. We’ll boost your rankings by working on both technical SEO aspects to improve your website structure and on-page SEO factors to increase relevancy. 

We’ll optimized every pageofyour website so that search engines like Google and Bing are able to crawl, index, and rank you in your local markets.

While other Las Vegas SEO agencies struggle to build your site’s popularity and authority, Black Swan Media Group is able to do it systemically. 

Our partnership with SEO Guest Posts gives us unlimited access to getting your website endorsed.

Are SEO skills are able to go as far as getting you featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and other highly exclusive websites.

The last piece of the Las Vegas SEO puzzle is making all the optimizations local. Our media group’s SEO will maximize your local digital presence by making sure that your business is consistently present on local directories, listings, and citations.

This will ensure that Google respects your brand’s SEO and will secure local rankings and traffic for you.

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