Search Engine Optimization

No Contracts

You won't get locked in to anything. If you're not happy with your services, just cancel at any time.

Defined End Dates

You won't be stuck eternally paying for SEO. We'll give you the start and end dates for your results.

Focused ROI

By doing the proper keywor research, we can help you target the most profitable keywords you can get for your time and your money no matter the difficulty.

What Search Engine Optimization Can Do For Your Business

Marketing today can feel overwhelming especially when it comes to dominating your local marketing. Businesses are faced with a plethora of options ranging from social media, to email, to paid advertising to search engine optimization – and every year there’s always a new fad. That’s where we come in. Local SEO Domination is the one marketing channel that has been providing consistent results for business owners regardless of what new trend is out there. While search engine optimization is only one of the services we offer, this page is dedicated to exploring how profitable it can be for you.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Done Right

Marketing shouldn’t feel like extortion. That’s why at Black Swan Media Co, we don’t bind you with contracts and instead give you estimated start and end dates for your projects. If at any point, you’re not happy, you can just cancel.

advanced keyword tactics

Keywords lay the foundation for every search engine optimization process. At Black Swan Media Co we strategically research which keywords will yield the greatest return on your investment. 

We’ll work to establish the long-term keyword goals and short term key-word goals. By doing this, you can start seeing a return on your investment without having to wait for the full duration of our services.

Competition removal

If we know which keywords make the most money, we can then begin to process of removing your competition from the picture. 

By ranking your other properties (such as social medias, Yelp, videos) then you’re able to claim more real estate on page 1 and remove your competition from the picture.

Search engine rankings don’t have to be hard, let us dominate the competition for you.

custom pricing

Every business is different and the value of a client varies across industries. Black Swan Media Co offers custom pricing based on how much of a return we can secure for you.

Unlike other companies that offer vanilla services at cookie cutter prices, you’ll always have access to the most advanced and aggressive marketing tactics. This guarantees that every marketing dollar you spent is used to its maximum potential.

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