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"The People Who Benefit Most From Having a Website and having digital marketing are the local business owners" - Forbes Magazine

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Our Boston SEO Experts will provide you with daily ranking report so that you can keep track of all results. This keeps us accountable and it keeps you in the loop of what is going on.

As the top ranked Boston SEO company, we’re able to create a comprehensive SEO marketing plan from start to finish prior to beginning any work. This means from the beginning, you’ll know what work will be completed on your site.

Black Swan Media Co offers a page 1 ranking guarantee. If you agree to the proposal we send you and let us complete the required work from start to finish then we guarantee you’ll rank on page 1. 

Page 1 Guarantee

Black Swan Media Co is so confident in our propietary SEO knowledge that we'll even guarantee a page 1 ranking.

Increased Site Traffic

Increase your sales by driving traffic to your website. Our advanced keyword research tactics will find the most lucrative keywords for your business.

Positive ROI

Black Swan Media Co will only accept SEO projects if they're guarantee to profit you. We always put your best interest first so that you can get a positive ROI on your marketing investment.

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Why Boston

Boston, MA is one of America’s fastest growing business hubs. That means there’s no better place for businesses to focus their marketing efforts.

This is why the SEO experts at Black Swan Media Co are bringing their professional services to Boston companies. 

Imagine having your store, your business positioned on the busiest street in Boston. And now, imagine that every person who walked by and every car that drove by was a customer looking to buy your services and products. That would be some amazing positioning.

Black Swan Media Co, as one of the best Boston SEO companies, does exactly this in the digital sphere by getting your business positioned in the busiest internet streets: Google, Bing, Yahoo.

4/5 local purchases are done after an online search and our SEO experts are here to help you close those online sales.

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Here's What Boston SEO Will Do For You

Search Engine Optimization turn your website into a money making machine on auto-pilot.

Drive Traffic

Having a website is completely useless unless you’re getting traffic sent to it.

While you can pay for online advertisements, a simpler and better solution is search engine optimization. By positioning your business on search engines through the top Boston SEO companies, you put yourself in front of your dream clients.

These clients then visit your website, contact you and purchase your services.

close more sales

By getting more and more people visiting your website, you’ll naturally begin to get more calls for your sales reps and more visits to your actual store.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you dramatically increase your revenue – we’ll bring you the customers and all you have to do is close them.

Marketing Asset

As all Boston SEO Companies know, most forms of marketing are monthly expenses. SEO is completely different. Our SEO Consultants turn your website into a money making asset so that you build assets instead of accumulate expenses.

By working with an SEO Agency you’re creating marketing as powerful as a brand name, as powerful as a brick-and-mortar store, and more effective than any other digital marketing.

How To Get Started

Boston SEO

Black Swan Media Co offers SEO services to all businesses in Boston so long as they meet our reasonable set of guidelines. We look to work with ambitious business owners who have some experience paying for marketing, are running a reputable company and are not part of any get rich quick schemes.

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There’s a massive amount of online online advertising opportunities. Everywhere you go you’ll see solicitations. 

So how do you pick the right one? The answer is simple: go for the ones that are assets instead of expenses. 

SEO Consulting builds a marketing asset for you instead of acquiring a marketing expense. If you have a website that’s bringing you paying clients on auto-pilot, then you have an asset.

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Boston MA SEO

What is Boston SEO?

In summary, SEO could be described as an electronic advertising strategy which can help raise the amount and quality of the visitors to your website. The optimization component of SEO includes a succession of measures which you may take to rank high on Google and consequently secure totally free organic traffic. Notice that I stated measures, significance that so long as you follow all the measures (and are individual ) you will discover fantastic results. Even though it might appear dull and painful at the beginning, SEO can really be somewhat enjoyable and simple to implement.

The ideal approach to comprehend Boston SEO today would be to break down its own significance.

A promoting discipline — knowing SEO is vital to all of your advertising campaigns because this way you’ll have the ability to drive visitors to your site and create leads and conversions. You not just have to write content which Google enjoys but content which may resonate with your audience.
A specialized undertaking — understanding the very best methods to optimize your articles and website is important whether you’re planning to compete for visitors. People who understand the intricacies of search engine optimisation are highly sought after since the ROI they attract is large.
A fascinating area — I really don’t know about you but to me personally, creating dope articles and creating leads at no cost is very remarkable. I also really like the evolving character of SEO and how it requires entrepreneurs like me to continuously read up on fresh algorithm adjustments and much more.
When a user searches for a sentence on an internet search engine such as Google, the outcomes he or she’s presented with is a string of sites which are linked to the question and sites which have a good domain authority (among other variables described below).

This is principal since the search engines utilize innovative crawlers that collect the info on each site, collecting every piece of information it could find online.

This generates an index for every single site that’s in relation to the algorithm that Google has assembled for the ideal SEO practice.


Different types of Boston SEO

Whenever you do so, there are particular aspects which you will need to take into consideration. These components are something which you may command as an outcome. The Facets of search-engine Boston SEO are:

Keyword study

Before you do anything with your site, the very first thing you have to do is know what keywords you want to rank for. To do it, you have to do a keyword study. Within this procedure, you pick the secondary and primary keywords about which you construct meta tags and content. The Main elements for keyword study are:

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • Relevancy

It is also possible to use keyword analysis tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs to look for keywords. When you pick the keywords, you can proceed and begin optimizing your webpages for those keywords.

Title label

The name tag is a header name element displaying the overview of your site’s content about the search engine results page. Additionally, it influences click-through prices and will be the most crucial variable of search-engine Boston SEO. Search engines show the first 50–60 characters of the name tag. A meta description is a concise description which outlines the content of a page. They’re also shown on the search engine results. Compared to the name tag, a meta description provides users more comprehension of what your page is all about. Meta description additionally affects click-through prices.

URL Construction

The best practice would be to utilize SEO-friendly URLs, as they help you to know what the page is all about. The inadequate URL arrangement is a large issue in Boston SEO, which might lead to your site getting lower rankings. Header tags help identify the headings and subheadings of your own content. The hierarchy of header tags extends from H1 to H6. H1 is the primary heading of a webpage, the H2 label is a subheading of H1 and so forth.

Keyword utilization

An internet search engine crawls a site using Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP helps search engines search for keywords and content.

For instance: If your site is all about electronic advertising and you’ve used just the keyword”digital advertising” inside, then the possibility of you rank high for this keyword is reduced. It’s crucial to incorporate related keywords such as kinds of electronic advertising, skills in electronic advertising, etc..

Domain Authority (DA)

Doman Authority is a metric which shows how much confidence your domain name has assembled over time with an issue of age and backlinks. In the same way, the elderly the domain, the greater its domain name authority. One other significant component that I’ve discovered is the significance of this domain name with regard to the primary keywords you’re targeting. For example, are more inclined to rank greater than for”seo” associated questions. Last, some of my search engine optimization specialist buddies have reported that briefer domain names will usually outperform more domain names. You could even boost your domain name authority by building backlinks to your website.


Boston SEO starts with choosing the ideal key word s (that you can find utilizing Google’s Keyword Planner or Ahrefs). My approach using a brand-new blog would be to begin with choosing moderate to low key keywords then gradually build up my article to target more aggressive conditions. If you’re searching to rank then you must certainly include LSI keywords (key words which are synonyms for your goal phrases ). As an example, a website that talks about”mobile chargers” may also have conditions such as”electricity banks”, “mobile batteries for telephones” and so on. Be certain you include the keywords you wish to rank for in the name and at the sub-headings to get perfect search-engine optimization.

Relevancy & Context

Search engines are more economical than ever before. They do understand the difference between a related page along with a replicated one. They’re also able to differentiate whether only website is all about oranges or protein bars. I suggest sticking to a market when building a website and catering articles unique to this specific niche. For us personally, my market is online advertising and Boston SEO.

Inbound and outbound links

The more important links to your site is pointing to, the higher your search engine optimization score. Same is true for inbound links, that are even more preferred, particularly if they’re coming from esteemed, popular and relevant sources. You are able to get backlinks by becoming yourself featured on large news websites for instance.

Website Speed

Google cares about how fast your website loads. To accelerate your website it is possible to use caching plugins like W3 Complete Cache or utilize a CDN to provide your content at a quicker manner.

Clear and clean design

These days, the top optimized sites are those which are clean, practical and receptive to all devices of all sorts and sizes. Actually, Google even favors sites which have mobile-friendly layout than those which don’t have.

If you’re using WordPress, it is possible to install the AMP plugin to get your site load blazingly fast. If your website isn’t using WordPress, you ought to find out how to use this accelerated cellular pages endeavor by Google.

URL structure

The simpler your URL, the better it’s for people and search engines to know what your article is about.

Here are just two examples:



Certainly, example It’s better since it is descriptive and to the stage. Several studies have verified the briefer the connection, the greater. Regardless, you still ought to be certain that you are adding your top key word in the slug to get added SEO juice.

8. Length of your articles

Whenever you’re composing a blog article you would like to position, you wish to be certain that you are moving into as much detail as you can. Search Engines are rewarding long-form content and at 2018, you won’t rank if you don’t compose at least 1500-2000 words each article. When you compose long-form articles, you give yourself the opportunity to explore a subject in detail, which in turn increases the time some visitor sits on your website and indicates Google your content is wonderful.

Knowing the simple idea behind SEO is 1 matter, but how does it work?

SEO mostly revolves round two approaches:

  • Optimizing website architecture (the real coding and layout of a site )
  • Optimizing website content (the text of earnings pages, blog articles, product descriptions, etc.. )

You will want to employ best practices to in order to realize your search traffic tendency upward at the quickest rate possible.

Website Architecture SEO

Website architecture optimization can comprise:

  • Enhancing the general consumer experience of a website (making your articles simple for users to discover and participate with)–this may encourage repeat visits and links from other websites, all which boost search engine rank.
  • Making certain inner links on your articles direct to other useful and relevant content –again, it motivates users to invest additional time on your website, which corresponds with a positive ranking.
  • Developing a site –a group of links and categories in the footer of your pages will create a website more indexable (or even”findable”) by search engines, and much more navigable for consumers (an SEO win-win).
  • Mobile-friendly layout –because nearly all users today see websites on a telephone or other mobile device, Google rewards sites which are made to be as readily viewed on a little screen since they are on a desktop.

For additional information about the design aspect of SEO, have a look at this Creating for SEO tutorial out of SEO software firm Moz.

Content SEO

Together with structure tweaks, how that you compose, format, and present the information onto your own website are also a part of breaking or making your search engine rank. As soon as we write posts at Skillcrush, as an instance, our objective is to create them informative, clear, and engaging–but we also should be certain that you can locate them! That usually means writing with an eye on SEO.

Content SEO contains things such as:

  1. Keyword Research–that entails using software applications like Ahrefs and Moz to recognize the search engine positions (key words ) driving visitors to your website. It is then a dance of adding those keywords on your articles (so search engines will pick them up and boost your positions ) while averting”keyword stuffing” Keyword stuffing is the tradition of overloading content with key words at the cost of quality. With SEO, there may be no temptation to believe the tradeoff of poor, keyword stuffed content is going to be well worth the rank rewards, but that just is not the situation. Search engines such as Google have altered their calculations over time to weed out keyword packed content, poor content (even though it includes key words ) will finally drive users away –not a fantastic appearance in regards to Boston SEO.
  2. Pillar Pages–what is far better than person search engine optimization articles pages on a site? 1 large, optimized umbrella page which attracts users leads them to every one of these individual pages. When a site includes several posts on various areas of one subject, this is known as”audience content” from SEO discuss. A column page is a webpage on your website that ties all this content together and turns into a powerful motor for bringing organic search and enhancing your website’s topic authority for search engine optimisation. To find an actual example, we recently released a column page to get our blog’s web design bunch . Pillar pages cover all facets of audience content subject, however they do this through thumbnail descriptions which link into the more meaningful individual posts. Pillar webpages are occasionally known as 10x column webpages, because of their capacity to improve website traffic tenfold. This Hubspot article goes into much more depth on this issue of column webpages.
  3. Consistent, readily navigable page designs –that might appear to be a no-brainer, however it is a little SEO tweak which may go a very long way. When creating content for a site, it is important to include features such as a table of contents which enhance readability.

Likewise ensure your content is divided into segments with header text which follows a very clear hierarchy. This is just another technique that enriches site readability for consumers and indexability for internet search engines.

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