Gohighlevel Review

Gohighlevel Review

CRMs have taken the digital marketing industry by storm. Where professionals previously had to spend hours coordinating leads, managing campaigns and conducting online promotions, today, all these tasks have been made infinitely easier with these cloud-based expert platforms.

And they keep getting better and better. SaaS providers have stepped up their game when it comes to modern-day CRM features. Beyond lead and contact management, they offer in-depth analytics, reputation management, and integration with other software.

One particular provider that’s currently the talk of the town is Go High Level, which offers business automation services that are unsurpassed in terms of marketing efficiency and value for money. 

What is Go High Level?

Go High Level is a highly advanced CRM that integrates various digital marketing tasks under a single functional tool for streamlined customer generation and marketing.  It provides unique features that are untypical of other CRMs, such as a funnel builder for extensive lead marketing and a trigger system for near-perfect automation.

Who should use Go High Level?

It is best suited to small or medium-sized businesses that have between one and 1000 locations. Digital marketing agencies that serve local clients can also substantially benefit from the software, as it offers unlimited account access for them to add their team members’ and clients’ accounts.

GoHighLevel Review

Go High Level is one of the finest CRMs available out there, and we say that because we use it for both our own and clients’ digital marketing campaigns.

That’s why our first-hand assessment is the most honest and critical of all Go highlevel reviews you’ll find out there.

We'll guide you through each of the software's key components, covering its entire model down to the nitty-gritty. Unlike other reviews for Go Highlevel, we have singled out the best feature of each of the platform's elements to help you gauge the value it can provide to your business.

Go High Level CRM System

Go High Level's CRM is unsurpassed in usability. You can enable multiple account access to the software so that each team, from sales to administration, can log in and view fundamental client data. Moreover, it provides you the flexibility to restrict access to certain parties to protect department-sensitive data.

The user interface is easy to navigate, which means that even employees inexperienced in operating cloud-based systems will learn their way around the software quite easily.

Moreover, it has excellent analytics and reporting capacities. The software operates an enormous client database, and based on autonomous actions, generates detailed reports regarding lead generation and campaign success. 

Best feature: Funnel Builder

Go High Level’s Funnel Builder can be used to execute an entire marketing funnel strategy for lead conversion. You can choose from several prepared templates for landing pages, forms, and thank you pages and customize them according to each client.

Go High Level Marketing System

Go High Level enables you to engage in effective digital marketing via its specialized tools for inbound/outbound customer outreach and inbound traffic conversion.

In terms of contact management, the software instantly updates leads and their relevant information as they are input. You can filter these contacts into smart lists based on your purpose and audience characteristics for more targeted marketing.

Its campaign feature enables you to arrange automated text, call, voicemail, email, and messenger scheduling to reach clients during peak intervals. These campaigns are equipped with several options that boost automation, such as a ‘next campaign’ option that allows you to forward the leads of one campaign to another, and a 'stop on response' option to limit automated outreach once a lead responds through a contact channel.

Best feature: Trigger System

However, what makes their software the ideal automated marketing system are the triggers. These are filtered customer lists, which send customer details to the relevant campaign based on their response, where further automated responses are executed.

Go High Level Reputation Management System

Go High Level has extensive SEO and reputation management tools to propel client rankings and gain positive customer feedback. You can use the software for effective link-building via its campaign and funnel builder features. You can engage in a multi-channel site outreach campaign and funnel prospective 'leads' to forms where they provide you with the necessary information for link posting such as niche and content type.

The CMS also conducts social media monitoring of your ad campaigns and basic platform sharing. The information collected can be used to deduce key customer insights and brand sentiment as well as determine responses to mentions using automated campaigns.

Best Feature: Review Automation

The most integral part of reputation management is tracking and responding to online reviews. Go High Level includes a fantastic review automation feature that enables you to generate reviews by sending review requests to customers. You can also pull out a client's Facebook and Google reviews, filter them by nature or date posted, and respond to them instantaneously using the platform.

Go High Level Integrations

Go High Level is also accredited as one of the top CMS platforms due to its third-party integration capacity, made possible due to its Zapier assimilation. Its email marketing and call tracking features are top-notch due to being combined with a wide variety of tools such as Aircall and Easy Texting, among others. It can partner with apps from Google Ads to QuickBooks to manage everything from PPC to sales invoicing.

Best Feature: Citations Management

However, the best third-party integration it has to offer is with Yext Listings. This enables you to enlist your local clients into the many directories Yext partners with, allowing you to build high-quality citations for higher rankings.  

Go Highlevel Pricing

Go High Level has two basic addon-exclusive plans: 

  1. The Single Location account, costing $97 a month, is best suited to businesses that intend to use the platform for their own digital marketing campaign.

  2. The Agency Unlimited account, costing $297 a month, is ideal for agencies managing several clients’ accounts who are based in different locations.

To get a white label plan which brands the tool as your own, you would have to pay an additional $497 per month. This would include a mobile app and a custom setup in Zapier for your agency.

You can choose to opt for an annual plan, paying a lump-sum amount of $2970, while enjoying a 2-month discount in total cost.

Even though there are several worthy competitors in the market, Go High Level stands out as the leading marketing technology software due to the diversity of its features and great value.

However, learning how to operate a CMS, even one as user-friendly as Go High Level, can be tricky. We can help you with that. Contact Black Swan Media for a free demo and consultation: https://blackswanmedia.co/contact-us/

Gohighlevel Review
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Gohighlevel Review Gohighlevel Review Gohighlevel Review