SEO / Web Design Case Study - Small Business

Digital marketing made simple.

1. Discovery

Industry: Financial Company.

Services: Content Marketing, SEO.

Goal: Increase Traffic to Their Blog.

2. Strategy

The strategy we came up with was to find several relevant keywords to their blog topic and create 1 large piece of content.

3. Execution

We created a 5,000 word piece of content using several important keywords in their niche. We then dedicated the next  6 months to building links.

4. Results

  • 0 to 1,900 Organic Traffic in 4 Months.
  • Top 3 Rankings for Several Relevant Keywords.

Prior to our work, nobody would visit the clients website. After using our SEO strategies and talent, we secured several keywords for them.

1,900 Organic Traffic

0 to 1,900 organic traffic case study

Top Rankings

Within 4 months, the client had achieved top 5 rankings for several keywords and it only took 14 links.

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