SEO Case Study - Sniper Lead Gen Site

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1. Discovery

Industry: Legal.

Services: SEO.

Goal: Help client rank for a single, highly profitable, highly competitive, low volume keyword.

2. Strategy

We discovered that the most cost effective method to get the client this ranking would be to build out a new site with the purpose of targeting that one keyword. 

3. Execution

In less than 72 hours, we built out the new site and performed all the on-page optimizations. The next few months we dedicated to building links and working on their off page SEO.

4. Results

  • 34 New Clients Over 16 months each worth $7,500 each.
  • 49.6k Impressions
  • 139% Increase in Inbound Leads
  • Ranked 1st For Target keyword.

The client’s goal was to go after a very niche keyword. Within a few months, the brand new site was ranking #1 for that keyword and generating high converting, highly profitable leads.

Increased Visbility


Local SEO Results


The campaign was a huge success generating 34 new clients valued at $7,500 each over the course of 16 months.

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