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Local SEO Vs SEO
What’s the Difference?

Local search engine optimization requires a bit more work than just regular SEO. Instead of targeting a national audience, we’re able to target your local audience by making a few additional optimizations. These enhancements include advanced link building strategies, ensuring that Google recognizes your brand as an entity, and maximizing your only presence across directories and citations.

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What makes Black Swan Media Co different from other companies is that we’re able to handle every aspect of search engine marketing – not just the easy parts. We’ll leverage every tactic available to drive traffic to your website.




Link BUilding

1. Keyword Research

Black Swan Media uses a 3 step formula to find you the best keywords.

  1. We’ll analyze your competitors to find out what keywords they’re spending money on.
  2. We’ll do our own research to explore new traffic opportunities.
  3. We’ll use advanced tools to find the most relevant LSI keywords to pair with your main ones.
2. On-Site Optimization

Optimizing your website is known as “on-page optimization” and it’s a quarter of the battle. Having an optimized website is necessary for SEO link building to work.

Black Swan Media Co’s local seo services includes a full website optimization:

  • Title Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • URL Structure
  • Site Structure
  • Image Size
  • Image Geo-Tagging
  • Image Properties
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Integrate Google Webmaster Tools
  • Schema JSON Markup
  • Site SPAM Clean Up
  • Negative-SEO Link Removal
3. Maximizing Your Presence

Citations and directories are not only a decent way to drum up business, they’re also great for SEO. Black Swan Media will identify dozens of local directories in your niche and your city and make sure that your company is signed up for them. This will dramatically increase your online visibility and also help with your SEO efforts.

4. GMB Optimizations

Google my Business is the #1 way that local businesses get found.

Black Swan Media Co takes care of everything for you when it comes to your GMB listing from signing up to fully optimizing it.

By having an optimized website and a link building campaign done for you, your business will show up in both the organic searches and the map packs.

Local SEO Services

5. Authority Building

We’ll get your company endorsed by hundreds of other websites. This is known as link building and it’s the single most important part of an effective local seo campaign. We can guarantee guest post blogger links and even Forbes publications for the companies who need it.

Local SEO

6. Maintenance

Black Swan Media will keep you at the top. Your competitors may try to outrank you, but we won’t let that happen. Our on-going maintenance will keep you ahead of Google’s updates and your competition.

“87% of new business in 2019 will be generated online” – Forbes Magazine

Learn More About Our SEO

Google is always updating their algorithms and so we’re always updating our strategies. Black Swan Media stays ahead of the curve on the latest white-hat SEO marketing strategies so you can stay on top of the SERPs.

It’s not just about volume, it’s about buying intent. We will find you the keywords that matter the most, from clicks to conversions. 

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We’ll optimize the technical aspects of your website such as making sure its secure, improving loading speed, and fundamental issues found in your audit.

We’ll optimize every page on your site to fit with your SEO marketing plan. Our On-page technicians follow a 13 step blueprint that covers everything from basics such as header tags to the more advanced items like JSON schema.

We’ll create the content your competitors wish they had. Our content creation strategy synergizes with SEO to drive even more traffic and build natural links.

Black Swan Media uses the most advanced, honest, link building strategies available. We’ll build out your listings and get you link from high authority sources.

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