SEO / Web Design Case Study - Small Business

Digital marketing made simple.

1. Discovery

Industry: Home Services.

Services: Local SEO, Map Pack Rankings, Web Design.

Goal: Develop a website and rank it for relevant local keywords.

2. Strategy

We started by planning out a modern design for their new website that was focused on capturing and converting leads.
We then set a 6 month goal to get them to the top 3 in both the map pack and organic results using Black Swan Media’s SEO capabilities. For this client, we targeted 3 keywords with buying intent.

3. Execution

In less than 72 hours we had their new website designed, developed, and fully functional. Additionally, we were able to complete all on-page optimizations and technical optimizations.

This only left us to work on their off-page SEO for the remaining months.

4. Results

  • 0 to 44.8k Impressions
  • 0 to 292 Clicks
  • 39% Increase in Inbound Leads
  • Top 3 Rankings For Their Most Lucrative Keywords.
  • 1 very happy client.

Before we started our work, this business’s website had 0 visibility. They had hired a different web design / SEO company and saw no results for over 2 years.

We gave them a 6 month time frame for our SEO to kick in and within 3 months their site took off. Within 6 months, they had dominated their local market and are now looking to expand.

Increased Visbility


Map Pack Results - A New Stream

When we first picked up their site, it brought in no business at all. Additionally, the clients were nowhere to be found in the Google Map Packs.

Black Swan Media used our propietary local SEO knowledge to rank them for multiple terms on the maps and created a new stream of revenue.

Bring Your Website to Life

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