Lead Generation For Local Businesses

Have Your Own Lead Generation Website

Take advantage of all the online leads that are out there. You could be getting that business with your own lead generation website.

Reserve Leads Exclusively For Your Business

Tired of having a lead sent to four different companies? You'll get your leads reserved exclusively for you.

Pay By Appointment Or Pay By Call - You Choose

If your industry is eligible, you could pay for each appointment instead of each call. Stop wasting money on dead calls.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation For Local Businesses

Lead gen for local businesses offers the opportunity to capture customers within your city, town, or neighborhood. Having a strategy for connecting with the locals in your town is essential for any business that wants to succeed because according to Google, 82% of people make an online search before purchasing an item.

That means the paying customers are out there, you know they are on search engines and if you’re not getting them, your competitors are. Taking control over your digital marketing with a lead generation campaign gives you a chance to brand yourself in your local community by acquiring first time customers from your local community.

According to Hubspot’s beginners guide to lead generation (a great resource if you want to try lead gen yourself), the greatest struggle business owners face with local lead gen is that they purchased unqualified leads that simply “opted in” somewhere. We’ll ensure that customers look forward to your calls and actually want to speak with you.

Get Your Own Lead Generation Website

If you want to dominate your local market, don’t settle for just ranking your website – rank a website built to exclusively send you leads. Not only will you bump your competitors off of the first page but you’ll also secure business for yourself. This is what we call Local SEO Domination and lead generation is one part of it.

While we prefer to settle for nothing less than total market domination, a simpler alternative is to build lead generation pages within your website.

However you want to approach it, we’re here to help.

Having your own lead generation information will give you priceless information on your customer demographics, who converts, and offer a new stream of highly profitable revenue along with another opportunity for you to brand yourself.

Exclusive Local Leads

There’s nothing more valuable than an exclusive local lead. I think we’ve all been there – we fill out an online form and the next thing we know, there’s a horde of sales people spamming our phones. When leads aren’t exclusive, nobody wins. The customer gets irritated with businesses who genuinely want to help them out and businesses get frustrated with leads that won’t convert.

That’s a problem you’ll never have to deal with. As long as you work with, any leads you recieve are 100% exclusive. In fact, the exclusivity factor with your leads gives you an immense advantage before you even call the client (or the client calls you).

According to Kissmetrics, exclusivity in marketing has shown to be an extremely powerful conversion factor – having your own exclusive lead channel establishes you as an authority before your customer even calls.

Pay Per Appointment vs Pay Per Call

Depending on your industry, either pay per call or pay per appointment would make more sense. For example, if you’re a plumber offering emergency services, pay per appointment would make the most sense because the customer tends to convert right after the phone call. However, for industries that require more than 1 call to close a deal such as construction, or custom furniture, a pay per call strategy might be better.

While some might swear left and right by pay-per-call leads, we’ll flexibly work with you. Black Swan Media Co  will always offer you the most profitable option before we begin any work.