About Us

Black Swan Media Co

Black Swan Media Co was founded with with simple intention of bringing big results to small businesses by using cutting edge marketing strategies. Founder, Bruno Souza, having a personal and family history with having to rescue and rebuild small businesses wanted to create a project where he would bring the marketing firepower that the big corporations are using and give them to local business owners. Because of this great power, Black Swan Media Co only works with reputable businesses and business owners must qualify to do business.

Our Mission

Black Swan Media Co provides world-class search engine optimization services to the businesses who need it most. Our mission is simple: to increase your revenue in every way that we can. At the end of the day, there’s so many metrics you could measure: clicks, likes, shares. But we understand that the one thing that matters is revenue.

Our Certifications

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Our History


Testing For Black Swan Media Co

Prior to starting, we  wanted to test the power and impact that our services would have. We built lead generation systems from scratch, ranked them and then sold the leads.


Black Swan Media Founded

Black Swan Media Co began to be formed - we created a website and began our own search engine optimization and content creation.


Black Swan Media Co Launched

Web design and on-page SEO for Black Swan Media Co was completed. On May 15th, we began accepting clients.


Google Analytics License ID:  1276182, Expires April 24, 2019.  Google Adwords Fundamentals License ID: 12769900, Expires April 24th 2019.

Google Adwords Mobile License ID: 12794645, Expires: April 25th 2019.  Google Adwords Video License ID: 12854467, Expires April 25th 2019.

Google Adwords Display License ID: 12859973, Expires: April 26 2019. All Hubspot IDs are recorded in the Hubspot Academy.

Google Adwords Search  License ID: 12821772 Expires: April 29, 2019 Google Shopping License ID: 12863614 Expires May 6th, 2019.