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SEO isn’t about just driving traffic, it’s about increasing your bottom line.

Las Vegas SEO marketing shouldn’t give you headaches, it should put money in your pocket. Our goal is to make it so that every morning when you wake up, you’re excited to look at your daily marketing reports.

Black Swan Media has already helped several business owners rank in the top 3 in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and North LV. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business and help you too.

“87% of new business in 2019 will be generated online” – Forbes Magazine

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Because You Deserve More.

Search engines are constantly changing, and the truth is that other companies aren’t able to keep up. What makes Black Swan Media Co different from other Las Vegas SEO agencies is that we’re skilled enough to handle every aspect of search engine marketing and not just the easy parts. Our team is always on top of cutting edge Las Vegas SEO strategies so that our clients stay on top of the SERPs.

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The best place to hide a dead business is the second page of Google.

Learn More About Our Search Engine Optimization process

Google is always updating their algorithms and so we’re always updating our strategies. Black Swan Media stays ahead of the curve on the latest Las Vegas SEO marketing strategies so you can stay on top of the SERPs.

At the end of the day, you don’t care about keyword volume or traffic. You care about revenue – and we get that. Black Swan Media will find the keywords your customers are searching for so that you can get the highest return for your investment.

An SEO Audit will reveal all the areas of your website that need to be improved. Black Swan Media looks at both SEO and structural issues so that you can have a fast, top ranking site.

We’ll optimize the technical aspects of your website such as making sure its secure, improving loading speed, and fundamental issues found in your audit.

We’ll optimize every page on your site to fit with your Las Vegas SEO marketing plan. Our On-page technicians follow a 13 step blueprint that covers everything from basics such as header tags to the more advanced items like JSON schema.

We’ll create the content your competitors wish they had. Our content creation strategy synergizes with SEO to drive even more traffic and build natural links.

Black Swan Media uses the most advanced, honest, link building strategies available. We’ll build out your listings and get you link from high authority sources.

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Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. That’s why we moved our main office from Boston to Las Vegas. 

Black Swan’s founder, Bruno Souza, comes from a background of providing white-label SEO services to other SEO agenices via his other company, SEOGuestPosts Inc. This means that SEO agencies would sell clients on SEO, and hire Bruno to do the SEO work.

Starting in 2018, Bruno started Black Swan Media as an initiative to help business owners out directly by providing Las Vegas SEO services. As it stands, we have websites ranking in the top 3 positions in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Fresno, Denver, San Francisco, Providence and Orange County.

Our experience is extensive, our Las Vegas SEO methods are proven to work, and our customers are very happy people. 

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Learn the truth about revenue | SEO Las Vegas

Las Vegas SEO

The most important part about Las Vegas SEO is the return on your investment. At the end of the day, it’s all about how much money you put into marketing your business website and how much you get out. 

Las Vegas SEO is one of the most powerful ways to get a return on your marketing investments. Search engine results pages are the “main street” of the digital world. The SEO results pages are where your customers are going to find the solutions to their problem.

We’re like digital realtors because we position your brand in front of the perfect audience through Las Vegas SEO services.

The 4 pillars of vegas seo

Las Vegas SEO – Black Swan Media Co

local seo campaign | a complete review of wp business website optimizations

Las Vegas search engine optimization is completely relative to keywords, meaning, it’s not a fixed marketing service. A website page can only be “SEO friendly” or “optimized” if it has target keywords assigned to each page.

Black Swan Media Group‘s SEO marketing strategy finds the right keywords for your business by researching what your local customers are searching for.

Finding the right keywords for your business is always the first step for a Las Vegas SEO marketing plan.

Local SEO marketing design work starts with your website once the proper keywords are identified. We’ll boost your rankings by working on both technical SEO aspects to improve your website structure and on-page SEO factors to increase relevancy. 

We’ll optimized every pageofyour website so that search engines like Google and Bing are able to crawl, index, and rank you in your local markets.

While other Las Vegas SEO agencies struggle to build your site’s popularity and authority, Black Swan Media Group is able to do it systemically. 

Our partnership with SEO Guest Posts gives us unlimited access to getting your website endorsed.

Are SEO skills are able to go as far as getting you featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and other highly exclusive websites.

The last piece of the Las Vegas SEO puzzle is making all the optimizations local. Our media group’s SEO will maximize your local digital presence by making sure that your business is consistently present on local directories, listings, and citations.

This will ensure that Google respects your brand’s SEO and will secure local rankings and traffic for you.

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What is SEO? What kinds of SEO is there?
In case you have some questions regarding approaches for SEO content generation which I do not answer here, allow me to know in the comments and I will answer them here or in a future blog post.

Let’s begin!

What Is SEO Content?

To know what marketers mean by SEO articles, it is helpful to divide the term into its constituent parts:

“SEO” describes search engine optimization or the practice of optimizing a web site so people can easily find it through search engines such as google.
By “articles,” we mean any information that resides on the internet and may be consumed online (more about the many sorts of content under ).
So, putting both of these theories together: SEO articles isn’t any material created with the objective of bringing search engine visitors .

However, here’s a super-quick refresher on which you will need to do to be able to SEO your Internet articles, what many SEO professionals will be doing to your website if you decide to hire them:

Keyword Research: Should you would like to create traffic via search, it is ideal to perform keyword research until you get started composing. In this manner, you can concentrate on keywords for that a particular quantity of search volume exists — in other words, write toward subjects (or locate keyword markets !) That individuals are already looking for information about. (SEOMoz supplies a terrific manual to search-engine optimization.)
Content Organization: The articles on your website ought to be organized in a reasonable manner. This isn’t just great for SEO, it helps people on your website find other related articles easily. (The more they remain on your website, the better.)
It is important to remember that should search engine visitors is the only target, your results will likely suffer. To be able to please the search engines (who’ll reward you with high positions over the years ) and possible clients and return traffic, you have to provide value over and beyond search engine optimisation. To put it differently, do not create”thin” content which rankings and receive clicks, but does not offer any extra value into the search engine user. Websites which market”lean,” low-value content operate the chance of being penalized by Google; they also often have high bounce rates and very low conversion prices.

Different types of SEO Content

Las Vegas SEO content can comprise any of these:

  • Blog Posts — A site is just one of the simplest ways to make a regular flow of SEO content. Generally, blog posts are more engaging and more inclined to entice hyperlinks than merchandise pages, which means they may be a fantastic way to create some authority for your website. (Remember that sites are extremely elastic, and you may use them to sponsor some of the below forms of articles within this list.) This is the major sort of content you’ll find on most paper – or magazine-style sites. These kinds of titles also appear to be clickable when seen in search results or from social networking feeds.
  • Guides — A manual is a lengthier piece of articles which explains in detail how to perform something. (Guides tend to be divided on multiple webpages, although it’s a best practice to permit users to see long content as one page should they prefer.) You may post a complete guide on your site, or you’ll be able to place a summary or excerpt, requiring individuals to complete a registration form to browse the complete guide. This is sometimes a fantastic method to create leads, but remember that putting a registration wall will probably lessen the quantity of SEO visitors you can drive to this manual.
  • Videos — Generally speaking there are fewer movies online than pages of text; therefore it may be simpler to rank on the first page to get a competitive key word by developing a movie rather than an report. Based on which sort of website or company you operate, videos can be a excellent way to draw and attain an audience. Or illustrate a procedure that’s connected to a company — for instance, a plumber can make a video demonstrating how to unclog a sink. Below are a few extra strategies for maximizing videos.)
  • Infographics — Infographics, or large-format images which have a good deal of information (frequently in the kind of charts or graphs ) on a single topic, may rack up a great deal of page views and links. But because a lot of this content is embedded in the picture and aren’t readable as text from search engines, it is important to carefully optimize the remainder of the webpage. It is possible to use one of those five free infographic templates to begin. Sometimes images are more significant than text say you are attempting to reveal what most of the celebrities wore to the Oscars. Here again, SEO of your name, captions, picture file names and so forth is significant since there is not any for the search engines to”read” (Do you know where your dictionary is?) If you work at a technical business, a nicely built-out glossary may be a fantastic way to catch some traffic. Think cooking conditions, medical conditions, style terms, architectural conditions…
  • Directories — A directory is a practical taxonomy of hyperlinks to websites or sources around a specified subject. By way of instance, a perfume site may create a directory of places to purchase perfume, from leading department stores to separate shops across the nation.

These are merely a few of the fundamental sorts of SEO, do not let this list limit you — that the possibilities are virtually infinite.

You have probably heard that a hundred times that Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization ) is an essential digital marketing and advertising instrument, but even for those who get a simple understanding of exactly what it involves, you might still have a good grasp on this complicated and multifaceted creature.

Search engine optimization is composed of multiple distinct elements and understanding what they are and how they function is essential to knowing why SEO is so important. In summary, SEO is important since it makes your site more visible, so more visitors and more chances to convert prospects to clients.

So without further ado, here is everything you want to learn about Las Vegas SEO and it’s essential in the modern digital world.

The Important Elements of Las Vegas SEO


Long gone are the times when keywords were the sole search engine optimization method that amuses, but it does not mean that they are not still crucial. The difference is that now, keywords have to be well-researched, carefully selected, and judiciously utilized on your articles so as to work. However, what are keywords, exactly? Keywords are words and phrases that prospects use to locate online content, which brands may subsequently use to associate with prospects that are trying to find their services and products.

When researching keywords, it is important to search for ones which have high search speeds and very low competition and also to select short-tail keywords (for example, puppy ), long-tail keywords (for instance, terrier puppies available ), and neighborhood key words (for instance, puppies available in Boston) to enter your own content. It is also possible to use keywords to maximize your entire names, URLs, along with other on-page search engine optimization components (more on this later).


As an example, in the event that you owned a nursery and wished to boost your visibility, you could publish a set of blogs about gardening, then deciding on the ideal species of crops, growing tips, and much more. When a man or woman who wanted to learn about gardening went searching for that advice, your site would develop, and you would have the ability to create a relationship with this prospect by supplying invaluable info. When the time came for this possibility to obtain a plant, for example, you’d be the initial nursery which came into mind. Content comes in Many Different forms, such as:

Off-page Las Vegas SEO entails external optimization techniques that occur away from the website instead of on it. The most important technique employed for off-page SEO is backing building because quality backlinks to your website from outside websites to tell search engines your website is high quality and valuable, and this also builds ability.

There are various approaches to backlink construction, and a few of the present best practices comprise guest blogging, making a great deal of infographics which are going to be tremendously shared, and mentioning influencers on your own content.

Neighborhood Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO, such as Las Vegas SEO, is becoming more and more critical as an increasing number of people use mobile devices for hunt.

If you owned a restaurant, for example, then neighborhood SEO would guarantee that if individuals in your region went searching to find the very best restaurants in the city, they will encounter your website. Together with utilizing local keywords and phrases, other neighborhood SEO best practices comprise asserting directory listings, producing location-specific webpages for your website, and generating pages to your company on:

  • Google My Business
  • Google+
  • Google Maps

Search engine marketing (SEM) describes paid advertising campaigns, and it contains items like negative advertisements, Google AdWords, sociable networking advertisements, pay-per-click Google advertising ads, display ads, and much more.

Though SEM is not typically a significant element of a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy, it will have its place since it can help you get to new and highly targeted viewers.

Visibility and Replies

Among the most essential features of SEO is raising visibility, so making it easier for prospects to find you when they look for something you need to offer you. Visibility is directly associated with a own ranking.

The more successful your search engine optimization efforts, the higher your rank and the greater your visibility, which is particularly important once you consider a quarter of internet users never click beyond the first SERP.

Increased traffic is just one of the chief aims of SEO, and you also raise traffic once you raise traffic and visibility. Take this for a minute: almost 33 percent of clicks visit the very first ranking page, and also the first five listings receive over 75 percent of all clicks.


The idea of authority is comparatively fresh in SEO, but it is becoming increasingly important to search engines since it is getting more important to internet users. Basically, authority usually means your site is trustworthy, higher quality, relevant, and has something to offer you. The more power your website gets, the higher your rank will be, as well as the more prospects will soon come to trust your new. This is especially important when it comes to local SEO, such as Las Vegas SEO, and building more authority in your local search. 

Making a Better Visitor Expertise

Another motive SEO is vital is because all of the time that you put into creating good content and optimizing your website with on-page SEO enhances the efficacy of your website, and this also makes a smooth and positive client experience.

For example, if you take action to create your site to be responsive, it is going to make it usable for your entire cellular customers in addition to individuals who see from a notebook or desktop computer. In the same way, by boosting your page load rate, you will lower your bounce rate and also invite visitors to spend more on your website. Almost 50 percent of customers anticipate a webpage to load in just two seconds, and also the more the load time, the greater the bounce rate and the reduced your own conversions.

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