Limited Time Offer

Want Your Website or SEO done for Free?

Black Swan Media is currently offering a promotion where we will either:

  1. Build you an amazing website, just like we do for any of our clients for free, a $2,000 – $5,000 value.
  2. Consult, fix, and execute a technical SEO campaign for relevant pages AND make off-page recommendations for free, a $3,000 value.

Naturally, you’re probably asking how to qualify for these promotions. Please read the next section carefully to make sure you understand.

How to Qualify for these promotions

The team here at Black Swan Media is currently looking to create more success stories. Because of that, the first step is to schedule a strategy session with us. This strategy session is important because we need to make sure that 1. we are able to solve your digital marketing problems with this offer (whether it’s a new website or improved SEO rankings). And that 2. We are the best people to do so.

If we accept your application, you will not be billed and work will not be started until the conditions below are met.

To qualify for the discounts, you will need to share our brand with other people that you think we could help. For every client that signs up with us, and that you referred, we’ll offer you a 33% discount on your website or SEO, based on the terms listed above. After you’ve referred to us the first client, you can ask us to begin our work at the 33% discount, or, continue to refer more business until you have the 100% discount.

Additionally, after our work is completed, defined by either the website being complete or the SEO optimizations being complete, we will want to record a 1 minute or so video testimonial where you get a chance to outline your experience and satisfaction.

To get started, click the button below and in scheduling page, mention that you’re applying for the Free promo.

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