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Black Swan Media’s mission is to create long term partnerships by providing clients with lucrative ROIs, transparent reporting, and exceptional customer serviceIf you’re tired of working with agencies that fail to deliver, and want a long-term team to help you scale, then you’ve come to the right place. 

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CASE STUDY 1: New Company Launch

Client Challenges: Not tech-savvy, lacked a CMO, wanted to increase traffic, customer loyalty, and ultimately sales.

Client Strengths: Great product, passionate about their niche, and untainted reputation.

Our Strategy: 

– Part 1: Conversion Rate Optimization –

* Re-design certain elements of the online store to increase conversions…

* Rewrite their email marketing and SMS campaigns to increase conversion rates once leads left the store…

* Rewrite their abandoned cart emails…

* Implement a review gathering system to increase customer loyalty and conversion rate…

* Implement a loyalty program to increase product stickiness…

* Implement financing options to increase conversions…

* Implement cross selling, upselling, and an overall funnel strategy for increasing sales…

* Teaching the client’s team how to effectively run promotions and sales…

– Part 2: Increase Traffic –

Our team worked with the client for about 4 months prior to them launching their store. During this time we researched thousands of informational keywords, honed in on about 40 of them, and created 40 pieces of content for the client (1 for each keyword).

Additionally, we selected 5 products that had the most search volume, with the least amount of competition, and the best margins for the client. 

We used our proprietary SEO strategies to rank the new content and products. 

The result of the strategy is that the client has averaged around $85,000/mo in revenue on year 1 almost entirely from cold traffic.

CASE STUDY 2: Adding seo + remarketing

Client Challenges: Wanted to increase sales, traffic, and brand loyalty.

Client Strengths: Well designed website with some remarketing implemented, review system implemented, and conversion elements present.

Our Strategy: 

– Part 1: Conversion Rate Optimization –

* Implement financing options to increase conversion

* Show team how to run SMS campaigns to increase sales and promos

* Rewrite some product copy

* Minor design element changes

– Part 2: Increase Traffic –

We approached the traffic situation by increasing direct traffic to their product pages as well as creating a very in-depth guide for their niche to bring in additional traffic.

Our team ran our proprietary SEO stack to audit all of their products, analyzing them for over 400+ ranking factors, then optimized each product page according to the audits.

We were able to directly increase sales and by providing a better shopping experience, were also able to increase the rate of returning customers.

The SEO rankings for this particular client came extraordinarily fast and allowed them to gobble a lot of market share putting a few competitors out of business within months in addition to resulting in a 40% increase in revenue.

CASE STUDY 3: adding a complete sales funnel to an existing brand

Client Challenges: This brand had a massive following but struggled to properly monetize it.

Client Strengths: Great product, existing brand awareness.

Our Strategy: 

– Part 1: Value Ladder Creation –

Our team started by laying out their existing products, and future release products for the next 24 months. We then identified their different customer avatars, as well as in what order the products should be sold to each avatar. Having done this, we had an in-depth understanding of their customers as well as an in-depth understanding of their products. The result was a product ladder.

– Part 2: Funnels –

From that point, we crafted landing pages and sales funnels using Go Highlevel for each products as well as segmented e-mail/SMS marketing funnels to move customers through the ascension ladder.

Within 30 days of launching the first sales funnel, the company revenue increased by 400% from just 10k/mo to 40k/mo.

– Part 3: More Funnels –

From that point, we worked with the client on further product development and funnel implementation resulting in a 7 figure business within the first 12 months.

33x (3,300%) ROI on ppc

Client Challenges: This was a very small e-com brand that we decided to work with because of how passionate the owner was (we normally do not work with start ups). Their challenge was that they had a tiny budget and needed to make sales.

Client Strengths: Passionate owner, great product, and a team dedicated to providing amazing customer support.

Our Strategy: 

– Part 1: Conversion Rate Optimization –

Prior to running ads for the client, we wanted to make sure that their website and landing pages were the most optimized for conversions.

* Re-design certain elements of the online store to increase conversions…

* Rewrite their email marketing and SMS campaigns to increase conversion rates once leads left the store…

* Rewrite their abandoned cart emails…

* Implement a review gathering system to increase customer loyalty and conversion rate…

* Implement cross selling, upselling, and an overall funnel strategy for increasing sales…

– Part 2: PPC Campaigns –

Having optimized their website on the front end, optimized their remarketing on the backend, we were then able to run Google Ads for their product resulting in a 33X ROI for this small brand.


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Bruno, the Lead SEO Director of Black Swan Media has been managing several marketing campaigns for our firm as well as several of our clients for the last 6 months. Bruno has been successful in guiding improvements to the search engine presence of our firm in our local market, as well as our clients’ online rankings.

In addition to being extremely attentive and available throughout these campaigns, Bruno has also done a great job of explaining the services, tools, resources and strategies he and his team utilize to achieve the best and most efficient results. Our firm intends to continue working with Black Swan Media for our SEO/SEM needs as well as our those of our clients.

I would highly recommend Black Swan Media’s services for your online marketing needs.

Bryan S.

VP of Web Development Services at one of California's largest IT firms

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Bruno saved us when we really needed help and we didn’t know where to turn. Our previous web designer and ourselves had a falling out, resulting in them deleting our entire website and online presence. At the time, Bruno and his team were only helping us with our SEO and when they saw what happened, they had a new website up for us in a couple of days, which was better than our previous one. His response time on all of our issues is top notch. We have been with Black Swan for about a year now. Their pricing was simple and he has gotten us to the top of the “food chain” in our market. I wouldn’t and I’m glad I didn’t go anywhere else. I have tried to do myself for 7 years what he did in 6 months.

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